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Name : Mahesh Country :INDIAN
E-mail : Date : 2000
I arrived in Egypt with a backpack and a book. I knew I wanted to see the pyramids and learn more about Egypt, but was really unsure how to go about it. To my good luck, to meet Eman – she became my tour designer. And from there on, it really was a super smooth ride.

They took the time to understand what it was I sought to see in Egypt (if you are like me – and think Egypt is all about pyramids – you will be surprised to learn that pyramids are only the tip of the ice berg!) At that time, I was mostly interested in sites of archeological significance. And Eman showed me exactly where my places of interests are located, and how I could go about them. I wanted to be flexible with my dates – so that I was not rushed away from any place before I had completed my experience. She was very cognizant of this fact while she planned the trip.

Everything went exactly like she promised me it would – every city I went, I was greeted by one of her remote staff at the train station, the hotels were good, the tour guides were excellent, the taxi drivers were punctual and everybody was friendly. Even though the Egyptian culture was new to me – and many aspects of it were not easily understandable – I could see that everyone was making very sincere efforts to adapt to me, as I was to them. There were no hassles about payments – and they stuck to the pre-negotiated price.

My advice to travelers – Egypt is so fantastic that there are no doubts that you will come back mesmerized by what you saw. Planning the trip, however, is best left to competent local experts – for a couple of reasons: Egypt is a developing country – they have done an excellent job of making the country very hospitable for tourist, the archeological sites and museum are amazing, and people are very friendly. However, the public transportation infrastructure is not as smooth and you need someone to show you how to get from A to B. Secondly, if you can’t speak Arabic, it can quickly become a communication issue – so you need a tour guide who speaks your language.

Finally – beyond the archeological sites and museums – my most fantastic experience was the felluca trip from Aswan to Luxor. It is a 5 star experience for anyone who is young and young-ish. This is the closest you can get to being part of the Nile ethos. You spend 2 days in a little sail boat (the same wind technology which has transported people and materials up and down the Nile for thousands of years!) and you see for yourself all the little Egyptian villages and temples along the way. The nights are beautiful on the Nile and you get to experience it all far-far away from the hustle and bustle of people and cities. It is a very touching experience! Enjoy (and learn!)!!!

Thanks a lot



Name : Nicholas Wyman Country : United States
E-mail : Date : 01/26/2006
Dear Eman,
We safely arrived back in the US last night. Thank you very much for The wonderful Egyptian vacation that you arranged for us.
When we Were Planning the trip several months ago, it was difficult to sort through All the different travel agents and web sites.Your quick responses To Our questions; flexibility as we revised our itinerary; and exclusive Private guides indicated that you might be a good choice. In good Faith, we sent you our deposit – and we were not disappointed – it all Worked out great. I was very impressed that our drivers and guides were consistently on Time; even when the Aswan sleeper train was five hours late, there was A Guide waiting for us on the platform upon arrival. All transfers went Very smoothly and on our free days, the guides gave plenty of Suggestions on where to explore, what restaurants were good, etc. It Made travel for us very simple and allowed us to focus on the Wonderful Sights and sounds of Egypt.

The guides were knowledgeable, very Flexible to last minute changes, and above all, enthusiastic. This Was Truly an epic adventure and we couldn’t have asked for a better agent. I am happy to give you our highest recommendation and wish you the Best. I will forward you some pictures of the happy travelers as soon as They Are developed!
Warm regards,
Nicholas Wyman
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Name : Mr. Nicholas Country :United States
E-mail : Date : 13/06/2008
Hello Eman,
We had an incredible Jordan vacation! Thank you so much for your Assistance with the arrangements. Everything was smooth and our Driver, Salah Abu Naffaa, was excellent. Very nice man and Reliable!Please request him by name for your future clients as I Think they will be very happy.

It is difficult to list a favorite Part of the trip but I definitely loved Wadi Rum. The desert was Incredible and we sipped tea on cushions under a Bedouin tent. We Found everyone to be very friendly in this progressive, moderate Country. Thank you so much. Appreciate the excellent service as always.

Nicholas PS – where will you take us next?
How about Syria?



Name : Jason Pedersen Country : South Africa
E-mail Date : 22/06/2004
Dear Eman,
Thank you for all your assistance and arrangements for my outside business activities. It was really great meeting with you.
Thanks a lot



Name : Mary Beth Country : United States
E-mail Date : 16/02/2004
Dear Eman,
Thank you for all your assistance and arrangements for my outside business activities. It was really great meeting with you.
Thanks a lot


Name : JJ Du Preez Country : South Africa
E-mail : Date : 13/06/2008
Dear Mrs Emma
I hope that this message finds you very well. I apologies for letting so much time pass since we last had contact. I cannot believe that time goes past so fast. It’s already more than 4 months since we came back from our wonderful trip to Egypt. Last weekend we got together with many of our friends to show them pictures of our trip. They could not believe all the wonderful stories we told them and all the beautiful pictures we have. It was really so nice to relive all the wonderful memories of our trip – we still cannot stop talking about our wonderful holidays in Egypt. Some of our friends are really interessted in going on this same trip to Egypt, and I am sure they will be contacting you shortly.
My friend, Li-mari, and I are both doing well. We were also thinking about our trip and about you in June when the FIFA Confederations Cup were being hosted here in South Africa. We actually went to see one of the matches here in our home city of Bloemfontein when Egypt was playing – and of course we were supporting Egypt! We had a really cold winter here, but now it is almost spring, and the days are starting to warm up nicely now. We are looking forward to summer now.Well, anyway, I attach some pictures here of our trip to Egypt – sorry you had to wait so long for them. You can see in our faces on the photos how extremely happy we were while in Egypt.
It will be really nice to hear from you. I will be in touch again.

Best regards from South Africa.
Take care!
JJ Du Preez

Name : Mr. Greg Country :Australian
E-mail Date : 2010
We are from Australia and went on the “Highlights of Egypt and Jordan” 16 day tour. We had the most amazing time throughout our stay in both countries, and saw and did things we only dreamt of. The accommodation was great, and the guides were fantastic throughout; always on time and extremely knowledgeable at all of the sites we visited. We would probably fly from Luxor to Dahab next time though, the bus was way too long! Our highlights were Petra, Philae Temple, Dahab, Giza and the Nile Cruise. An awesome time, and we definitely recommend booking through
Thanks Emma!