Nile Cruieses :

For who dream with relaxing and Luxury Tours in Egypt, Nile Cruise is one from the best Luxury tours in Egypt. Nile Cruise is a traditional Egyptian sailing boat between Aswan and Luxor as Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan and Nile Cruise from Aswan to Abu Simbel.

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Facilities for the Nile Cruises in Egypt, all Nile Cruises have roughly the same facilities but which one has the standard and friendly service.




Main facilities for the Nile Cruise in Egypt:

– Suites and Cabins.
– Bar situated offers nightly entertainment.
– Laundry and 24 hour room service.
– Safety deposit boxes.
– Sundeck equipped with children’s swimming pool a large swimming pool.
– Fire alarm protection system.
– laundry services.
– International kitchen.
– Specially treated water.


– With a staff of experienced chefs, the food that is served will match that of all classy restaurants and will accompany you through your 3 meals per day. Drinks are Excluding
– The variety of food on hand leaves very little to be desired.
– The large buffet, which includes a separate salad and dessert buffet, is complimented bye a choice of Italian, Oriental, Vegetarian and international menus. The breakfast menu includes a taste of Egyptian cuisine, as well as the standard continental breakfast.


– Folkloric dance show.
– Cocktail party.
– Belly dancing and an Egyptian Theme Night.

Currency on board:

– Egyptian Pounds.
– Euro.
– Sterling pounds.
– US$ Dollar.
– Major Credit Cards are accepted (Visa & Master Card).

Schedule for the Nile Cruise in Egypt:

Aswan – Luxor (04 Days – 03 Nights) (Monday  – Wednesday – Friday).

Luxor – Aswan (05 Days – 04 Nights) (Saturday – Thursday – Wednesday – Friday).

Aswan – Abu Simbel (05 Days – 04 Nights) (Monday – Friday).

Luxor – Luxor (08 Days – 07 Nights) (Saturday – Monday – Wednesday – Thursday)