Diving in Red Sea Egypt


Explore coral reefs with diving in Egypt there are many attractive places in Red Sea in Egypt to Dive and discover the Magic of the Blue Water with the magic of the color of Fish and their secret life with coral reefs and the mysteries of the Red Sea .
Attractive places to Dive in Red Sea in Egypt , Hurghada, Marsa Alam , Sharm Al Shikh, Dahab, Newuiba …..
In all parts there are many options and many courses for dive depend about your request
In All Red Sea Areas have the same course and same daily dives in Red Sea



If you do not like course and like to enjoy with just one dive or many dives you can by daily dives in Red Sea The boats leave the dock every morning in the direction of the most interesting underwater diving areas that are situated, for the greater part, at distances of 50 minutes or an hour and a half sailing. Two guided underwater diving expeditions are programmed during the outing, with a break between them for lunch on board boat. Non divers can also take part in the expeditions and snorkel along the beautiful barrier reefs.


There are many different courses for diving in Red Sea P.A.D.I. organization. There are courses at all levels from Open Water Diver to Dive master, including specialty courses where internationally recognized licenses are awarded. The Diving instructors are all multi-lingual and speak French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Arabic. The courses include a theoretical part which is taught in classrooms and involves video tapes, and a more practical side with lessons in both specially equipped pools and out at sea….


Diving at night is more enjoyable with the sunset time . Boarding takes place at sunset and the return is arranged for immediately after the diving expedition in time for dinner.


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